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In our videochat,  studios are a fundamental axis of operation and the basis of stability and perseverance at work. That is why we focus our attention on serving them.

With more than 30 years of experience in the adult sector, the new Sexxx is the evolution of our video chats, a true example of stability and good work. We provide personalized solutions for each case and we strive to solve every studio’s issues, should any arise, taking into account their structure, from management to administration to monitoring, all the way to the actual models.


Weekly Payments

We make payments to your account every week, on time. This means that you can receive your money on a regular basis. We are committed to making the process as convenient as possible for you.

Personalized Studio Support

From our experience working with studios, we know the importance of support at any time. Our support team is dedicated to always being at your disposal by email and online. Try our support. Join now!

Model Monitoring

Our platform allows you to monitor your team and interact with them discreetly, without customers knowing, allowing you to have complete real-time control over everything, including logs, tips, earnings....

Customizable Rates

Set the per-minute rates for each paid chat mode according to your preferences. You are not limited to a specific selection. You also have the ability to individually control the profit % for each model.


How often does pay?

Depending on the payment method, you can receive your benefits weekly.

What type of show is allowed on this page?

Unlike most pages that are very restrictive, our limitations are legal, considering that some are only allowed in private. It is possible to do (in private) dirty shows (pee -watersports-, coprophagy), simulation shows (drowning, cutting), fisting, all kinds costumes, zoophilia, etc.

What is prohibited?

Minors are not allowed, nor the consumption of drugs on camera, nor utensils related to them.

Can we work on other sites simultaneously?

Yes, you can.

What If I had a problem?
Get in touch with us via email, WhatsApp and Telegram. We are always available to help!
How do I contact studio support?

We have dedicated staff specifically for studio support

Can I reuse accounts for other models?

No. For legal reasons, accounts cannot be reused, but you can open as many as you want.

Can I include a model from another studio in mine?

If the model is already listed as active in another studio, let us know so that our team can contact the previous studio.

Can I assign a different percentage to each model?

Yes, our system allows you to assign percentages by models

Can I have several studios?

Yes, you can manage multiple studios to have separate performance statistics

How many models can appear on the same chatroom?

As many as fit on the screen. There is no limitation.

How do I add more models to a stream?

Each model must have a separate account. For a group account it is enough that only one is registered.

Can I invite someone to a broadcast so they can appear for just one day?
Yes, but please check first with our support staff for age verification, so we can ensure the model is an adult and consents to be broadcasted.
Can I use different model groups each time on the same account?

Yes, but everyone must be registered in their individual accounts

Can models inquire directly with an operator?

Yes, the models also have personalized attention even if they are part of a studio

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